A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was created for the libGDX Jam with very little time.

The jam's theme is "Life in Space" and the concept is that you need to perform an everyday task in an extreme way because you are in space. So...

You work for a cleaning service company.... in space! Clean all space dust in the level, avoid being killed!


  • Action platformer gameplay
  • Fast controls
  • 1 hardcoded level (more to come...)
  • Lots of screen shaking
  • Escape monsters
  • Avoid comets
  • Characters made of static images (sorry, didn't have time to animate...)
  • Audio by Diogo Melo

Looking forward to any suggestions and comments.

Would you like to see this evolve into a more elaborate game?

Game source code here

Install instructions

Created using libGDX, a Java framework. You must have Java installed to run the game.


Space_dust_cleaners.jar 17 MB

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